Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I went scrapbooking with my friends on Friday night to the LSS until 2am (I actually left at 12:30am). We had a great time “scrapbooking”. We also might be in the Florida Times Union, there was a reporter there asking questions about how we got into scrapbooking, is it expensive, etc.

On Valentine’s Day we went to dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse, it was pretty good. They had the best lobster bisque. Robb and Stephanie bought me a bead for my bracelet, it’s very pretty, it has red hearts on it. Robb received cologne and was excited b/c there were two new fragrances in the package and Steph ended up dumping them out because she wanted to smell them. Our bedroom smells really really good now.

Steph went to My Gym on Friday and Pump It Up on Saturday for a Valentine’s Day Party. She had a blast of course.

On Sunday, February 15th the 2nd Annual 26.2 with Donna took place. The runner’s go right past our neighborhood by Mayo so I took Stephanie down and we cheered on the runners as they came back. Next year my friend Misty and I are going to walk the ½ Marathon. We’re going to start training this week, 13 miles is a lot to walkJ Plus we can walk a ½ Marathon this fall, there are a couple around the Jax area.

Well that’s about it for our weekend…have a great week.

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